Henry Asana

Ocala, Florida 

"When I first started I was skeptical thinking these guys were just going to give me an ebook and have me go on my way. From the beginning I received texts from the Team Leads, got partnered up with Landon and within 6 months into the program I went from $5k a month to nearly $20-25k a month."

Nicholas Perry

Austin, Texas 

"For 5 straight months, we tried selling our house. Constantly receiving advice from Agents. I was then contacted by Diego, he proposed a cash offer with a pricing strategy that admittedly at first was difficult to accept. He was able to develop the most comprehensive plan any one has ever tried explaining to me about my house. We were able to close in just 30 days." 

Brandon Callero

Miami, Florida

"Wholesale University is the real deal. I have been scammed into other online programs before. And this one right here, is nothing like the others. They are extremely hands on, working with Diego and Landon personally really showed me the habits and skill sets it takes to become successful within this career. Thank you guys." 

Michael Payne

Orlando, Florida 

"Being able to watch how their mind works... then showing all of their deals LIVE just to see everything that they do, not hiding anything from us is actually very impressive."

Tony Millington

Mount Vernon, New York 

"If you believe in yourself. You have to invest in yourself. You have to spend the money and hold yourself accountable. The return will be amazing with the information you gather throughout this program." 

Adam Mohammed 

Tucson, Arizona

"Wholesale University has allowed my conversion rate to skyrocket. I am getting way more contracts. Literally 8-10 contracts every month In just one market!"

Leo, Guerrero 

Austin, Texas 

"Patrick is genuine, he's authentic, and more importantly, he really shows that he cares. He is going to blow you away and help you monetize your business."

Cory James 

Orlando, Florida 

"Diego and Landon run this business like a mad scientist. Very analytical, very data driven... almost like they are running a fortune 500 company. You can see how hungry and motivated these two young individuals truly are"

Dany Otero

South Beach, Miami 

"We have had $30,500 in total profits from wholesaling that my wife and I couldn't have done without Wholesale University. And of course, that number doesn't even include the ones we have under contract right now waiting to be sold. Thank you guys so much." 

Robert & Lisa

 Dallas, Texas 

"In just one month, we have learned more than others who have been in this for years! Within a few months, Diego helped us get our very first deal! He took the time out to walk us step by step up until closing. After almost a year with Wholesale University, we are happy to say that we have quit our jobs and do this full time!"

Mathew Desposito 

Riverside, California 

"This program is key to learning exactly how things are suppose to be done. Before taking this course I thought that I knew everything I needed to know about Real Estate. But I can honestly say I learn so much every time I get on the phone with these guys. The knowledge they have is truly amazing."

Mathew Calderon 

Miami, Florida 

"The first thing they said to me was, "you earn as you learn". And they couldn't have been more right! For someone like myself who needs constant motivation and one on one lessons, this is the place to be! Extremely flexible. This company isn't just coaching on Real Estate investing, but also personal development."